Glass Canopies

Frameless glass canopies create a modern addition to the external facade for warm and inviting look. Glass in building design, adds a contemporary twist to the facade 

while enhancing the surrounding architectural design.

They can be used for a variety of external additions including balconies and to create a contemporary front porch. Glass canopies can also be designed to offer a shelter over 

seating areas next to buildings, such as a bench placed against the external face of the building. 

The minimalist design of the structural glass canopy creates an elegant design, its invisibility allows for the surrounding building aesthetic to make a statement. 

For an incredibly clear design, we recommend using low iron glass which removes the green tinge often seen in standard float glass to ensure a beautifully clear finish. 

Structural glass canopies can be created by extending glass from an existing wall, we can offer many design and architectural solutions because our product can be 

customized to customer requirements.

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