Glass Door

The Frameless Glass Swing Door is our luxury glass door solution that is completely customisible and is compatible with every partition system we offer 

as well as solid traditional walls. Free swing and self-closing are options that are offered with this versatile solution. 

Custom assemblies and custom finishes are also offered with the Pivot or hinged Frameless Glass Swing Door. 

The two-way opening doors can fit with almost every system we offer and are available with numerous handle options, both locking and standard.

The door accommodates tempered, laminated, low iron glazing, and can be clear, extra clear(low iron), tinted grey or frosted finish. The Frameless Glass Swing Door fits into

a straight or curved configuration and the only limit to it’s height is the weight which can be up to 100kg. A pair of doors is also an option for wider entries. 

The Frameless Glass Door is compatible with any of the hardware we offer; locking and non-locking.

The Frameless Glass Swing Door is completely compatible with all of our systems which are fully demount able.

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